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The God Debates: A 21st Century Guide for Atheists and Believers

Does god exist? This question, deceptively simple in its brevity, has formed the basis for countless debates both written and oral in the last few dozen decades. All too often such exchanges proceed on little to no discussion of what exactly either side means by “god.” Even narrowing down the scope to the Christian god invites the further question of whose denomination and doctrines are being assumed. Richard Dawkins and the other New Atheists became quite familiar with this problem after numerous critics drew attention to their broad generalizations about religious faith...
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Arguing About Gods

An unfortunately not uncommon charge to hear in debates between theists and non-theists is that one side has neglected their intellectual duty to inform themselves and truly think through their position. Resources in both apologetics and counter-apologetics often frame the material in such a way as to give the strong impression that if only their opponents would just open their eyes and accept the evidence right in front of them, their minds would be changed. Little room seems to be left for mere disagreement...
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AA002 – Why Philosophy of Religion? with Graham Oppy

For this second episode of the show, the issue of philosophy of religion is under discussion with Dr. Graham Oppy. What is philosophy of religion and why should non-believers, or any of us, care? Is it just a fancy brand of Christian apologetics or is there perhaps more to it? Dr. Oppy is a well-known atheist philosopher in the discipline who argues in his recent book that philosophy of religion should be reinvented. He teaches at Monash University, serves on the editorial boards of philosophical journals like Religious Studies, Philo, and Sophia, and has authored numerous other books, includi...
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