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Ep. 6 – What is Naturalism? with John Shook

What is naturalism? For episode six, I take up this broad topic in conversation with John Shook, a research associate in philosophy and instructor in science education for the University at Buffalo. Dr. Shook holds a Ph.D in philosophy from the University at Buffalo, served as professor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University from 2000-2006, has worked for several secular and humanist organizations – including the Center for Inquiry and the American Humanist Association – and he is the author and editor of numerous books, including The God Debates and The Future of Naturalism.

Armchair Ath...

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The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism

Religion has established for itself quite a confident degree of job security. At the mere suggestion of shedding the shackles of religious faith, one is often confronted with a barrage of questions about where our world would be in terms of morality, art, and hope, in the absence of dogmas and deities. Somehow, even in the 21st century, religion is still seen by many as a necessary component of a life well lived. This is not entirely the fault of pro-religious propaganda, however...

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