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Why Atheism?

The Big Questions, as their name implies, are questions about who we are, about the universe we live in, about our place in the universe, and more along these lines. Theistic religions, especially those that proselytize, have constructed cases for their beliefs that tend to pay a great deal of attention to these Big Questions. Sometimes widespread and culturally dominant religions even succeed in defining the terms of the questions, so as to give themselves greater assurance of their influence on the lives of their adherents and the societies in which they thrive. So far, we have considered w...
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The Argument from Divine Hiddenness

If god has delivered a message to humanity, as Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe, then god wants something of us. The purpose of sending a message is to communicate something that you at least want to be known. Revelation is the alleged method by which god delivers a message, and according to most theists, the message god imparts to us is one of love, with the intent that we repent and believe...

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