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He is Risen? Resurrection Discrepancies

Tomorrow morning millions of faithful men and women will pile into churches around the globe to hear the familiar Easter story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Crucified under Pontius Pilate, buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, only to be discovered missing on the third day, with the stone rolled away from the entrance. The women and apostles express their shock and perhaps mourn what they perceive to be a cruel joke. Then Jesus began appearing before his followers, telling them that his body had not been stolen, but resurrected by god...
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Isaiah 53

Why Isaiah 53 is Not About Jesus

Isaiah 53 is one of the all-time favorite passages of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries striving to convert non-believers. Over the centuries, it has been the subject of countless books, sermons, essays, and evangelism tracts, especially in outreach to Jews. The website boldly proclaims that, “Hundreds of Years Before Jesus… The great Jewish prophet Isaiah wrote a detailed prediction of his death and resurrection”...

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Is America a Christian Nation?

Religious conservatives in America often proudly proclaim that this country is a Christian nation, and some even go so far as to declare the separation of church and state to be a myth. Not only are these grossly incorrect assertions, but they are very dangerous postulations as well, especially with the Christian Right unapologetically attempting to dictate policy from an almost exclusively religious basis in the modern era. One need not do that much research to realize that the Puritan ancestors of our founding fathers came to America to avoid religious persecution...
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Christianity and Slavery

Today many Christians go above and beyond justifying the value of their faith by also attempting to re-write history in order to implicate Christianity as the source of all Western achievements of the last 200-300 years. One of these gross lies is the idea that the abolishment of slavery was due to a proper teaching of the scriptures, a view taught by Dinesh D’Souza in his article How Christians Ended Slavery.1 In the article, D’Souza implies that the rise of Christianity in the Middle Ages ended slavery, by attempting to whitewash serfdom as a great improvement...

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