AA002 – Why Philosophy of Religion? with Graham Oppy

For this second episode of the show, the issue of philosophy of religion is under discussion with Dr. Graham Oppy. What is philosophy of religion and why should non-believers, or any of us, care? Is it just a fancy brand of Christian apologetics or is there perhaps more to it? Dr. Oppy is a well-known atheist philosopher in the discipline who argues in his recent book that philosophy of religion should be reinvented. He teaches at Monash University, serves on the editorial boards of philosophical journals like Religious Studies, Philo, and Sophia, and has authored numerous other books, including Ontological Arguments and Belief in God, Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity, Arguing About Gods, and The Best Argument Against God.

Armchair Atheism is the official podcast of GodlessHaven.com, exploring subjects related to religion and non-belief through interview discussions with a variety of scholarly and thoughtful voices.

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Graham Oppy at the Monash University website


Links to some of what we discuss on the show:

Philosophy of religion at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The PhilPapers Surveys

Tom Gilson, What’s Going On With Peter Boghossian?

Paul Draper, Ryan Nichols, Diagnosing Bias in Philosophy of Religion

Keith Parsons’ departure from philosophy of religion

Jerry Coyne’s tirade against philosophy of religion

Paul Moser’s Christ-Shaped Philosophy


Dr. Oppy’s books:

Reinventing Philosophy of Religion: An Opinionated Introduction

Arguing about Gods

The Best Argument Against God

Ontological Arguments and Belief in God

Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity

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