Our Purpose

The aim of Godless Haven is to explore issues like faith, religion, morality, and meaning, from an atheistic standpoint. Though a number of other venues exist for this same purpose, each one is different and unique in its own way. Much of the material presented here is intended to be both informative and persuasive, while the subject matter is of personal interest, too. All content is thoroughly researched, but dissenting voices are more than welcome to engage in discourse via email or the contact form linked to above. If any goal or aspiration is to be ascribed to Godless Haven, it would be the promotion of reason, critical thinking, and ethical living.


The Author

headshot_smallTaylor Carr established Godless Haven in 2008 after finding inspiration from an Ethics course taken while attending college. Until the age of 21, he identified as a born again Evangelical Christian, and had contemplated a calling as a youth pastor or worship leader. Through careful study of the Bible, apologetics, and philosophy, Taylor began to suffer doubts in his faith that would lead him to a liberal form of Christianity, to agnosticism, and finally to atheism. He has published writings in American Atheists magazine and Secular World magazine, and his chapter-by-chapter critique of Lee Strobel’s best-selling book, The Case for Christ, has been reprinted on CaseAgainstFaith.com. He also sometimes contributes to a blog and YouTube channel.

Taylor has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Texas State University with a minor in Religious Studies. The majority of the content on the site is his own work, as is much of the design and maintenance.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys reading, playing guitar, attending the occasional concert or two, and watching documentaries on history and science. He has even been known to indulge in video games from time to time. Prior to Godless Haven, Taylor ran a music/guitar website for 5 years.



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