AA015 – Atheism, #MeToo, and Men’s Rights, with Caroline Matas

For this episode, I speak with Caroline Matas about a handful of subjects revolving around New Atheism, the #MeToo movement, and Men’s Rights Activism. Caroline is currently a doctoral student in the Religion in the Americas subfield at Princeton University. She is also the news editor and social media manager at the Harvard Religious Literacy Project. She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where her work focused on contemporary American religious groups’ media use.

Armchair Atheism is the official podcast of GodlessHaven.com, exploring subjects related to religion and non-belief through interview discussions with a variety of scholarly and thoughtful voices.

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Featured article: How Men’s Rights Activists are Finding Unlikely Allies in New Atheism…

Caroline’s page at the Religious Literacy Project

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Some of what we discuss:

Here’s the truth about false accusations of sexual violence, The Conversation

Stephanie Zvan’s article on the demographics of MRAs

The Warlock Hunt by Claire Berlinski

BuzzFeed’s story on Lawrence Krauss

Statement by American Atheists regarding Dave Silverman


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