AA014 – Can Humanists Have a Savior Complex? with Rajani Gudlavalleti

Rajani Gudlavalleti is a community organizer, consultant, and writer. For over a decade, she has worked at the intersections of social justice, public health, and the legal system. Rajani has conducted this work through the Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore City Health Department, and Open Society Foundations. Currently, her primary passion is as community organizer for Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition, coordinating BRIDGES, Baltimore’s grassroots movement for safer consumption spaces. In 2011, Rajani received her master’s in public policy from Hopkins, focusing on gender-specific and racially equitable approaches to criminalized issues such as drug use and sex work. Rajani is also a trainer with Baltimore Racial Justice Action, co-organizer of Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity, and board member of Foundation Beyond Belief.

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